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So if you’re ready to put a stop to nagging aches and pains…eliminate the mobility restrictions keeping you from performing your best. in our 121 session I will show you how to perform basic maintenance on yourself.  With the right approach, people can resolve many of their aches and pains on their own — even if they’ve lingered for a long time. 

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Debs is a fabulous instructor

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Debs is the best 
I have over the years spent hundreds on osteopath’s and chiropractors for back and joint pains, in one session with Debs these these disappeared. Over the weeks I have joined her class and have had a 1-1 too and feel so much more flexible and energised. Thanks Debs I couldn’t recommend you enough x

Anne Jones

Client Feedback



Alison Casey. Assisted Stretch

So if you’re ready to put a stop to nagging aches and pains…eliminate the mobility restrictions keeping you from performing your best. in our 121 session I will show you how to perform basic maintenance on yourself.  With the right approach, people can resolve many of their aches and pains on their own — even if they’ve lingered for a long time. 

 Luke Kozakewycz Assisted stretch & 121 PT

Having suffered back pains for over a year and a half, I had tried everything from chiropractors to acupuncturists, all the way to a full back scan with no success at all.

It wasn't until I saw Debs that everything changed. Within a single session she had proven to me that my issue was nothing but tight fascia and muscles from the lack of stretching incorporated into my training regime over the years.

It took 1-2 sessions to realise instant results of relief and continued to find permanent improvements in many aspects of my life including mobility, pain management and general health. This in turn not only reduced my pain, but improved the way I think and work in my training day-to-day.

Debs clients are always at the top of her mind and she is not there to just make you feel better for the week - she gives you a toolset and understanding of how you can improve, manage and work on yourself going forward which has proven incredibly useful and has allowed me to make changes in my life where I didn't think I needed it before.

I would recommend Debs in a heartbeat and I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done in turning my life back round. She is worth a visit regardless of if you have issues or not. It has come to my understanding that is important to treat your body right and Debs is 100% the one to help people who are suffering or preventing people from suffering later down the line and thinking they are completely helpless.

Pay a visit today!

Thank you Debs!

Myles Granger. Assisted Stretch

  Debs is so great, being sat a desk all day means that my mobility was limited but working with her and the homework I get has made such a difference. Thank you

Liz Graham. Assisted Stretch

I had a lot of hip pain and lower back stiffness when I first went to Deborah. She helped with targeted stretching and massage of stiff muscles which has solved my problems. It became clear that sitting all day for work was the main cause of my issues, and now with a switch to a standing desk in addition to the stretches that Deborah taught me, my stiff hips have recovered so much that I feel able to start running again as well as allowing me to now focus on some much needed strength training. Beyond solving the specific issues I had, time with Deborah was more akin to an overall review of my health and fitness, and helped me make some very critical much needed changes before it was too late!

Helen. 121 personal training

Having experienced a major shoulder injury at birth which then resulted in my ball and socket joint disintegrating at puberty I had, as a 65 year old woman, become resigned that there was nothing that could be done to increase the movement around my shoulder joint, straighten my bent arm and indeed lift my arm. Since puberty I have had heat physiotherapy, multiple scans and opinions from shoulder specialists all around the world. One orthopaedic surgeon in Harley Street, London delighted in showing scans of my shoulder to his students and describing it as the ‘worst shoulder he had ever seen’ and cautioning that nothing could be done to it surgically – perhaps a little physio might help periodically!

I have lived with this severe limitation and done what exercises I can to keep the rest of my body as mobile as possible – until I started working with Debs! After just 4 individual sessions and a few group classes I am almost able to straighten my arm, raise it (and my other arm) further and carry out everyday tasks with much greater ease. Debs tailors the sessions to my unique needs with ultimate care and compassion.     

Stuart Keen . Assisted Stretch & PT

Fascia Stretch with Debs for me has been a game changer. The sessions are always fun but professional and have completely transformed my overall flexibility, posture and general wellbeing. I'm now able to engage back into general fitness regimes with the feeling that I have the flexibility and strength to better avoid injury. Seriously top class. If you're on the fence about trying Fascia Stretch, just try it, you will not regret it.


Sam Hayes. Assisted Stretch

Apologies for long review but it’s necessary to explain my situation.

Debs was recommended to me and I can honestly say my weekly treatment the last 3 months has completely changed my life, I’ll go so far as to say saved it.

As someone who has been in chronic pain the last 7 years with huge ups and downs resulting in suicidal thoughts I was not in a good way when we met. Having explained all the treatments I’d had from the NHS and privately, Debs reassured me that my fascia was probably the issue and we should at least give treatment a go.

I was completely overwhelmed after one treatment and noticed a huge difference. Over time the length between pain has grown longer and I’m now hardly in any pain whatsoever…UNREAL!

What I found really productive was that Debs listened to all my history to date, made an action plan and reassured me she had empathy for what I was going through (having been through a debilitating injury herself). At last I felt supported and understood because I knew something was wrong but couldn’t pin point the cause.

Fixing my issue has not been a quick 5 minutes however I was absolutely willing to invest in the time required to see a change. I’m SO pleased the investment paid off.

Alongside my fascia treatment I have been eating clean, referred to a private menopause doctor for HRT which has also helped enormously and found a new job (commencing in January) that suits me far better. All of this would not have been possible without Debs advice and treatment. I’m a calmer human, a better wife and mum and can finally start enjoying time with friends and family lost the last 7 years.

I am no longer a sobbing mess unable to move, now I’m a happier, almost pain free woman entering her 50th year in 2022, ready to start personal training (for a fitter body) with Debs in January (again unreal!)

If you’re thinking about treatment for pain please do try Debs. If you’re willing to invest and learn the quick simple processes to maintain your fascia you will never look back and enjoy all that life has to offer you.

Thanks Debs for all you do

Nicky Blain. 121 Personal Training

Debs is a fabulous instructor and plans meticulously to suit my personal exercise needs taking account of any injuries that I have. I have noticed a real positive change in my posture and core since I’ve started working with Debs. I can’t recommend her approach highly enough.


Deborah key 121 Personal Training

I started working with Deborah Wilks a few months ago after having a couple of years away from exercise. I was feeling unfit, very stiff and nervous about starting again. I also had terrible plantar fasciatis in my feet which was affecting my quality of life. I love powerlifting and in the past I was strong and fit but struggled so much with poor flexibility. Debs' holistic approach to training, focusing on fitness, strength, technique and increasing flexibility has really worked for me and the reduction in my plantar fasciatis since using the stretching techniques I have learned has been nothing short of remarkable. Today I am fitter, stronger, feel more youthful and the improvement in my flexibility has had a significant positive impact on my day to day life. I've lost a few pounds, gained muscle, have pain free feet and most importantly I have regained my love of exercise. Overall Debs is just an awesome person to train with. She is very knowledgeable, has a great motivational attitude and works very hard for all of her clients. Highly recommended!

Ann Jones. 121 personal training

 Fantastic sessions ,sorted my back issues on first visit. Debs is skilled and listens always follows up To ensure all is well Give it a go young and old will definitely benefit Thanks Debs