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Perfect for toning and conditioning, along with improving your core strength and mobility. It is a low impact, safe form of body-weight resistance training, ideal if you are recovering from injury or you haven’t exercised in a while.


Theses classes are great for people who need to start building flexibility in general, It is also a good routine to use to help the body re-learn to function in an integrated way. As you do these stretches in class bear in mind that the whole body is connected and try to create tension across a wide area to stretch the body as a whole.

It is very common for men to struggle to maintain flexibility. Moving Stretch as a system is design to be self-adapting to the needs of the individual, which in practice means that each person only goes as far in a stretch as they can comfortably.

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 121 Personal Training 

Deborah Wilks

Client  Feedback

I started working with Deborah Wilks a few months ago after having a couple of years away from exercise. I was feeling unfit, very stiff and nervous about starting again. I also had terrible plantar fascia in my feet which was affecting my quality of life. Today I am fitter, stronger, feel more youthful and the improvement in my flexibility has had a significant positive impact on my day to day life. I've lost a few pounds. Overall Debs is just an awesome person to train with. She is very knowledgeable, has a great motivational attitude and works very hard for all of her clients. Highly recommended!​

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So if you’re ready to put a stop to nagging aches and pains…eliminate the mobility restrictions keeping you from performing your best. in our 121 session I will show you how to perform basic maintenance on yourself.  With the right approach, people can resolve many of their aches and pains on their own — even if they’ve lingered for a long time. 

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Walking Massage Assisted Stretch


 Mobility and Flexibility and Reduce Pain. 

The treatment starts with a walking massage to improve circulation and prepare your body for fascia stretching. The pressure of the massage will vary depending on your needs and preference, it is likened to a deep tissue sports massage. Assisted stretch is a very affective way to relieve pain and stiffness, all while wearing comfortable clothing.

Assisted stretching can help with: sciatica, general back/hip/neck pain, planter fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, reduce muscle pain, flexibility, mobility.



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