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 121 Personal Training 


Client  Feedback

I started working with Deborah Wilks a few months ago after having a couple of years away from exercise. I was feeling unfit, very stiff and nervous about starting again. I also had terrible plantar fasciatis in my feet which was affecting my quality of life. Today I am fitter, stronger, feel more youthful and the improvement in my flexibility has had a significant positive impact on my day to day life. I've lost a few pounds. Overall Debs is just an awesome person to train with. She is very knowledgeable, has a great motivational attitude and works very hard for all of her clients. Highly recommended!

The Ready State Mobility Specialist


So if you’re ready to put a stop to nagging aches and pains…eliminate the mobility restrictions keeping you from performing your best. in our 121 session I will show you how to perform basic maintenance on yourself.  With the right approach, people can resolve many of their aches and pains on their own — even if they’ve lingered for a long time. 

 Moving Stretch Classes


Theses classes are great for people who need to start building flexibility in general, It is also a good routine to use to help the body re-learn to function in an integrated way. As you do these stretches in class bear in mind that the whole body is connected and try to create tension across a wide area to stretch the body as a whole.

It is very common for men to struggle to maintain flexibility. Moving Stretch as a system is design to be self-adapting to the needs of the individual, which in practice means that each person only goes as far in a stretch as they can comfortably.

Walking Massage Assisted Stretch


 Mobility and Flexibility and Reduce Pain

Resistance stretching is a new system of bodywork used to remove amounts of dense fascia (a plastic like material that surrounds your muscles and other soft tissues) improving posture and increase freedom of movement. The fascia  qualities return the body to its original position after being elongated. 

 Gravity Total Gym Personal Training and Classes

 OnDemand Moving Stretch® Classes

I am now a qualified Gravity

Perfect for toning and conditioning, along with improving your core strength and mobility. It is a low impact, safe form of body-weight resistance training, ideal if you are recovering from injury or you haven’t exercised in a while.