Moving Stretch®  Personal Training session  

  Personal Training session  £50.00 per session

 1-on-1 session can take  take place in New Energy Fitness Gym Winchester or on FaceTime or Zoom.

I can take payment through Credit card Machine 

Assisted-Stretching £55.00 per session

Assisted-stretching is a very effective way to address a wide variety of postural issues, physical imbalance and tension. 


So if you’re ready to put a stop to nagging aches and pains…eliminate the mobility restrictions keeping you from performing your best. in our 121 session I will show you how to perform basic maintenance on yourself.  With the right approach, people can resolve many of their aches and pains on their own — even if they’ve lingered for a long time. 


OnDemand Moving Stretch® Class £6.00


                            OnDemand Moving Stretch Classes   There is a catalogue of Moving Stretch class to choose from. 



To find out your needs and goals and how I can help

Cancellation policy.

Once an appointment is entered into the diary there is a 24 hour cancellation policy in place. Without 24 hours notice the session is fully chargeable.

Medical advice please speak to your doctor or any other health care professional. If you have any concerns about your general health.