A Unique Approach

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What are the benefits of Moving Stretch®?

Suzanne sees the key benefits as:

feeling taller, feeling freer and lighter, having more nuance and precision in movement, feeling more open and having better posture, feeling more grounded/ anchored, improved performance in a wide range of sports, for example cyclists feeling their legs move more freely and fatigue after more time and effort, Improved balance (studies show that similar work is good for reducing falls in the elderly), improved energy levels and better mood and outlook in general. 


We cannot make specific guarantees of curing or resolving pain, yet we have found that musculosketal pain has diminished or resolved in many people. 

More about Moving Stretch®

Moving Stretch® is a type of resistance stretching created by Suzanne Wylde. There are two key components; movement and resistance. By engaging our muscles, we also engage the fascia (a type of dense connective tissue) so that when we stretch we can recondition and reshape our fascia, leading to significant and more lasting change.

This system is designed to be easy to learn and accessible to a wide range of people with varying levels of mobility, strength and flexibility. The stretches are self-tailoring to your body and we never push beyond healthy ranges of motion or through pain.