Lymington triathlon


As a personal trainer I see the importance of integrating my experience with the functional fitness, weight training mobility and flexibility. 

I am passionate about sharing this ground-breaking new way to stretch, which is distinct from traditional stretching techniques.

I was struggling to get over a skiing accident until I found a Moving Stretch® trainer. The transformation to my body in just a few sessions was remarkable: my back pain had really reduced and the benefits to my body as a whole 

So emerged the desire to become a Moving Stretch® Trainer. My client have the added benefit of being able releasing their  bodies  from pain, stiffness. 

 Sporting experience

 Training and competing  for Long jump and Triple jump.

So I have have experiance in doing dynamic warm ups, sprint drills, plyometrics, core stability, interval training and weight lifting. 


Completed  London Marathon and New York Marathon. So I have experience in preparing for major events.

As an athletic I trained with Olympic gold medallist Roger Black, Todd Bennett, Kriss Akabusi  and Iwan Thomas.  Mike Smith was our coach, the most successful 400 metre coach of his time.


So if you’re ready to put a stop to nagging aches and pains,  eliminate the mobility restrictions keeping you from performing your best and stop worrying that you’ll have to give up your favourite activities as you get older,  or even if you just want to get stronger and more resilient to push your limits and break your PB,  I can help.

The Ready State: Certified  Movement & Mobility Specialist

Assisted-Stretching Moving Stretch® Trainer.

B.A.W.L.A British Amateur Weight Lifters Association.

Total Gym® Gravity Trainer.

NPL Master Practitioner, Life Coaching, Sport Performance.