Walking massage is done exclusively with the feet. By using the body weight the practitioner is able to achieve fast improvements in chronically tight areas. The amount of weight used is modified according to the client so that it is not painful. Most people say that they feel taller and that they can move more freely after these sessions.


Resistance stretching is a new system of bodywork used to remove amounts of dense fascia (a plastic like material that surrounds your muscles and other soft tissues) improving posture and increase freedom of movement. The fascia  qualities return the body to its original position after being elongated. All past traumas that are being stored in the fascia influence its natural form, and


deform it, thus holding the person into the damaged position. During the assisted resistance stretching clients work very closely with Debs  by resisting her as they are being stretched. This treatment results in freeing the muscles to develop, increases the biomechanical efficiency, and has a positive psychological impact as the changes that occur are permanent.

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