FaceTime 121 Personal Training Stretching Session.

    Client Feedback working Online

    I can’t begin to describe the difference that working with you has made to my overall body function - not just my shoulder area and I have found a way to incorporate many exercises into my everyday life. So I hope that I can link up in person when we come back to the gym so you can take me further. The online sessions have been a brilliant experience thank you.

    In a personal training session I will take you through a variety of stretches to assess your flexibility and mobility, and then tailor-make your programme according to your needs and goals. It is common to have a goal or two in mind to act as a motivator, but this is not necessary to have before starting to stretch. The benefit of 1-on-1 sessions is that you get highly personalised stretches and attention to technique so you will get a lot more out of your stretching. You might also want to do a mix of 1-on-1 sessions and stretching at home.